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Cirrus Vodka

Brand Identity

Cirrus recognized the rapid growth of the spirits industry, with new brands emerging frequently. They tasked us with creating a brand identity that stands out amidst the competition and captures the essence of their innovative spirit, aiming to carve its own path and redefine the vodka experience.

If anything can make science fun, it's vodka, cirrus vodka.

Crafted amidst the clouds of Richmond, VA, Cirrus Vodka brings together the fusion of science and fun, emboding innovation and whimsy in every sip. Their American-made vodka competes with the best from Europe, while adding a touch of creativity from the clouds.

Cirrus has a serious problem

People often mispronounce Cirrus Vodka for “serious” vodka but they're far from it. When conducting interviews people would constantly say serious  ask "wait how do you say it?" 

Cirrus can own a unique segment of vodka drinkers

Cirrus has the chance to appeal to a special kind of vodka lovers: the unpretentious drinkers.

As one of our bartenders mentioned, vodka Is very easy to enjoy and that there’s something very un-snobby about it and should be treated as such

People put on an air of superiority with certain drink orders

 I rounded up judgements and stereotypes about drink orders — from bartenders on Reddit and the BuzzFeed community and a local Richmond bar Fat Dragon.


"If you order absinthe, I’m going to assume that you have at least five leather-bound books from the 1800s and maybe like, super important." -jconway reddit user


"Negroni: You're probably thinking you taste in cocktails is as complex as your record collection and facial hair." ab12 - reddit user


"Moscow Mule: You're just really excited to drink something out of a shiny copper cup."—u/-ThatsNotIrony- reddit user


Cirrus is about drinking, not overthinking

Cirrus will place physical ads as commentary mocking their stuffy counterparts.


We are sending PR Boxes with a personalized note and cocktail recipe to celebrities who take their job a little too seriously.


 Jennifer Lopez


Personalized Cocktail Recipe

We will also be commenting to people on LinkedIn who take things too seriously.


Key Takeaways and Learning 


It's often said that the solution to a problem lies within your name, whether for better or worse. In the case of Cirrus, the potential to differentiate through the mispronunciation of its name was present all along. This underscores the inherent value and opportunity that can be found by examining one's own identity and brand name.

My Contributions


  • Identifying Cirrus Vodka sweet spot

  • Tapped into my 3rd grade earth science class and studied how clouds are formed and their significance.

  • Brand, Consumer and Competitor Research

  • Creative briefing

  • Social listening

  • Observational research

The Team
Catherine Emblidge | ST
Celeste Chance | CW

Maya Kahnke | AD

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