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Hey there, I'm Arielle, and they say you can learn a lot about someone by the company they keep.


Well, let me introduce you to my company:


  • Fries, my versatile companions, have taught me to adapt to any situation with flair

  • Junie B. Jones, ignited my curiosity and fueled my passion for finding magic in the everyday

  • Empathy taught me to always think about what matters most to people and how they experience the world from their unique perspective.

  • Fashion taught me the impact of small details, and my approach to strategy is similar – I dig deep into a brand’s essence, and 'why' before deciding what’s to come.


When I'm not strategizing, you can find me collecting magazines, playing Scrabble, indulging in an unhealthy amount of fries with a lot of ketchup, and practicing Spanish.


¿Quieres charlar?

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